Deciding the on the right worktop – Granite worktop or quartz worktop

When it comes to adding a touch of sophistication to your kitchen, there is nothing better than worktops that not only look beautiful but perform exceptionally in various conditions. But it is important to choose the right type of worktop for your kitchen to perform the best for you. Therefore, it becomes necessary to understand how worktops are made.


Worktops manufactured by nationwide granite are manufactured using state of the art machinery and by using a wide range of materials such as granite and quartz.


Granite is typically referred to as solid common stone. Due to its amazing hardness, the material is found to be perfect for making worktops. There are many advantages with granite worktops and this is why they are largely used in fireplaces, kitchen and bathrooms.


On the other hand, quartz is generally an artificial stone that is manmade. Its appearance and functional characteristics made it an excellent option to natural granite. It is durable and sturdy and this is what makes it a wonderful product to be used as a kitchen worktop. It would be hard to believe that but quartz is the hardest material that can be used in a kitchen worktop. Another plus point with this option is that it comes in a great variety of colours so you can choose the one to suit your project.


Granite worktops are made using granite as your raw material slab, these granite stones can contain many different naturally occurring minerals such as Felsdspar or Mica. while Quartz worktops are made by combining recycled glass and quartz and resins. This amazing combination makes Quartz worktops a tougher alternative to Granite worktops and gives a classy and sophisticated scope of finishes.


Quartz countertops have a wide range of colours available including the visual characteristic of marble, limestone and concrete, but in a more durable way. Quartz countertops also provide colours that mother nature does not offer on a regular bases within a slab. One of the key advantages of engineered stone countertops is the uniformity and predictability of the colour, though it will still vary batch to batch.


Now when it comes to choose between Granite and Quartz worktops, it is difficult to decide on the best. As both offer superb level of functionality and visual appeal to various bases. This  it is very much a personal choice, we are here for you to make you make a much better informed choice, for any further questions please call one of our advisors now on (0333 6000 160).

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